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The purpose of MMG/PLS Network portal is to provide fast and effective access to the clinical information of the patients who have joined the service. In particular, by accessing the private area, the following services are assured:

To the community member: patients can view the reports produced by the health structures of the region that have joined the project and, in particular, can view their own Patient Summary that is the document, produced by their own general practitioner, that sums up the fundamental aspects of their state of health

To the General Practitioner and Pediatrician: for each patient being treated the portal makes it possible to find the reports contained in the electronic health file [FSE] (including Patient Summary, Individual Health Information Sheet [SSI] and Prescriptions), create new PS or SSI and make electronic prescriptions with the guidance of a wizard

To the Physician of the hospital, Accident and Emergency Department or 118 emergency services telephone operator: after selecting the community member, the health personnel can quickly access the information contained in the Patient Summary highlighting any critical/chronic factors of the patient making the request.

To the Auxiliary Operator: the portal provides access to the database containing a census of the operators enabled to access the services of the “MMG/PLS network” to enter new users or edit existing ones. It is also possible to access a guidelines service to be able, on-line, to assign documents to specific categories of users


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